Coaching & Consulting

There’s a difference.

As a coach, I facilitate growth and change, by unlocking new perspectives on behaviors and developing new habits and beliefs to create a lasting impact. As a consultant, I troubleshoot issues and help you fix them. I believe great coaching helps you and your organization see lasting results. There are also situations that require immediate attention. I blend coaching and consulting as needed for long-term change with fast solutions for urgent issues. The goal is to take immediate action while working on long-term strategies. I want you working on your business, not in your business.

Team Workshops and Action Plan Development

I love working with teams and all their “stuff”.  (Communication, conflict, trust, accountability, and productivity) I work with you to design deliver highly relevant and energizing interactive team sessions to set a course. I also coach individually with selected team members to instill accountability for using best practices that result in sustainable and continuous improvement. The workshops are designed to deliver inspiring “a-ha!” moments with a roadmap for exceptional performance.

Seminar Presentations and Workshops

I will show you and your team how to identify natural competencies, areas of opportunity and ways to integrate distinct personality strengths into productive output. Teaching leaders and their teams how to get the best results is an area where I excel.

Growth and Transition Coaching

As an entrepreneur, I understand people like us have little interest in adopting rigid corporate structures. Every growing business hits the stage the “mom and pop” management style is no longer effective. This is where an experienced advisor can help guide things. I respect your organization’s culture and use best practices to move you and your enterprise forward.

I provide coaching and consulting in one to one sessions or private workshops.

In today’s high- pace information economy, business and life has become much more complex. Managing complexity while leading at the pace of change is the new survival skill.

Let’s check out if my skills are a fit for your needs.


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