A business friend informed me that I should really come up with a warning label.

Here it is.

I’m not for everyone!

And that’s OK

Who I Love to Work With:

I love working with leaders who have a heart for others, have deep convictions and who want their work to be a tribute to what they believe in.

I want to partner with “difference -makers” who are mission-centric and want to do great work.

I integrate best with leaders who have high emotional intelligence, seek the best in others, have a strong vision for the future and are willing to try new ideas.

Leaders Who Fit

  • They are quietly rebellious
  • Patiently persistent about making change
  • Carefully curious about new ideas and the future
  • Comfortable with receiving expert advice and guidance
  • Confident of their skills and their purpose.

Leaders Who Don’t Fit

  • Have a “quick-fix” mentality
  • Command and control leadership style
  • Obsessed with tactics at the expense of strategy
  • High involvement and low communication
  • High urgency and low strategy

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