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The Mentor Advantage

The Mentor Advantage What’s the difference between coaching and mentoring?  It’s a question I often get asked. This time the question came from a young CEO inquiring about one of my interactive learning sessions. Much like harvest gold or avocado-coloured appliances, formal mentoring is something one doesn’t see much anymore. However, that doesn’t mean it’s […]

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Effective Self Leadership When Life Gets Upended

   “If things are getting better, why don’t I feel better about things?” Admittedly, my best leadership articles often flow directly from questions that leaders ask in workshops, webinars, or one-to-one: No fancy fare or clickbait-y headlines. These are just leadership questions that need answers. This question came from a young woman who had taken […]

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The “Too Busy Trap” and Three Simple Fixes

“It’s been crazy – busy around here recently.” “I’m just so slammed!”  Does this sound like you?  Unfortunately, these are relatively common phrases I hear from Owners, mid-market CEO’s and Executive Directors alike. All too often, it’s the top excuse for avoiding something significant getting decided or done. My question: “If we’re all so busy, […]