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Bridges of Trust: The Foundation of Relationships and Businesses

 It happened some years ago but it was an adventure I’ll never forget. I was exploring a rugged and remote part of my province. My trusty truck was pulling hard in the steep terrain, and my fuel supply was dwindling. My map showed me an alternate route that would get me back to civilization (and […]

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Embracing the Journey: Lifelong Learning and the Zone of Proximal Development

  Just the other day, I caught myself reminiscing about the good old days of floppy disks and dial-up internet. Ah, that ding-ding sound of “You’ve Got Mail!” But, as much as I love a good jog down memory lane, I’m grateful for the progress we’ve made. Thanks to our rapidly evolving digital landscape, we […]

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Productivity Stress Free?

There’s an old Project Management joke that describes the six phases on any large project Unbridled enthusiasm, Total disillusionment, Panic, hysteria and overtime, Frantic search for the guilty, Punishment of the innocent and Praise and honours for the uninvolved. As with any good humour, there are some elements of truth and exaggeration in there somewhere.  Perhaps you’ve even […]

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The Magic of Written Goals

Astoundingly Simple. Boringly Consistent. Still Magic, Nonetheless! (Part 11) Winding down one year and starting the next is always an ideal time for reflection and thinking forward. As a leader, having a robust goal-setting mechanism and consistent follow-through is critical to your overall personal and professional success. My last article examined the rationale for having […]

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Astoundingly Simple. Boringly Consistent. Still Magic, Nonetheless!

 The Magic of Written Goals Roald Amundsen was a superhero of his day. He was a scientist, adventurer, and explorer. In 1911 he led the group that first reached the South Pole. As a researcher, he made observations and took scientific measurements. He was one of the “big thinkers” of his era. He was also […]