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The Magic of Written Goals

Astoundingly Simple. Boringly Consistent. Still Magic, Nonetheless! (Part 11) Winding down one year and starting the next is always an ideal time for reflection and thinking forward. As a leader, having a robust goal-setting mechanism and consistent follow-through is critical to your overall personal and professional success. My last article examined the rationale for having […]

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Astoundingly Simple. Boringly Consistent. Still Magic, Nonetheless!

 The Magic of Written Goals Roald Amundsen was a superhero of his day. He was a scientist, adventurer, and explorer. In 1911 he led the group that first reached the South Pole. As a researcher, he made observations and took scientific measurements. He was one of the “big thinkers” of his era. He was also […]

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The Mentor Advantage

The Mentor Advantage What’s the difference between coaching and mentoring?  It’s a question I often get asked. This time the question came from a young CEO inquiring about one of my interactive learning sessions. Much like harvest gold or avocado-coloured appliances, formal mentoring is something one doesn’t see much anymore. However, that doesn’t mean it’s […]

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Effective Self Leadership When Life Gets Upended

   “If things are getting better, why don’t I feel better about things?” Admittedly, my best leadership articles often flow directly from questions that leaders ask in workshops, webinars, or one-to-one: No fancy fare or clickbait-y headlines. These are just leadership questions that need answers. This question came from a young woman who had taken […]