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Today’s Toughest Leadership Challenge – Forty Leader Conversations

Hang in there with me for a bit. This is Part 1 of a 2 Part-er I’m trying to capture the prevailing mood of what’s happening these days. We’re navigating the vague ambiguities of just about everything, and I’ve got to admit, I’m struggling to come up with the words. There’s a new kind of […]

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Why Waiting Can Make Us a Wee Bit Bonkers (it’s actually not the wait that drives you crazy)

  I’m not a patient person, so waiting in line for anything, anytime, is a detestable activity to be strenuously avoided. Some part of me decided a long time ago that there are some things that life is just too short for. Waiting in lineups is one of those things. Let’s just call it one […]

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Feeling Grim? The Call For Courageous Leadership In Days Like These is More Important Than Ever

The call for courageous leadership in days like these is more important than ever. Why? Because authentic leaders find their mojo in times of great uncertainty. Now’s not the time for a predefined response plan. It requires leaders with behaviors and mindsets that deal with the realities, prevent overreaction, and lay the groundwork for a […]