About me

In 1993 I walked away from a career in Construction Project Management to pursue a personal dream of helping others through housing. This led to an award-winning career as a social entrepreneur.

I’m a slightly irreverent, non conforming, contemporary elder with future focus and a strong bent to make a dent in today’s complex world. I love coaching and training effective leaders and their teams. I’ve been blessed with a knack for unlocking potential, empowering others, and a bit too much energy.

I’ve enjoyed success as a Founder and CEO of a high performing organization in the affordable housing and health care field. I’m a doer, thinker, reader, writer and total life enthusiast who has trouble acting my age.

I love doing hard things well to benefit others.

My values

  • Faith, family and friends
  • The power of community
  • Good leadership matters
  • Integrity and sustainable excellence
  • Forward momentum and tangible results
  • Going fishing, good reads & great coffee
  • Anything outdoors

In business, life and relationships, there are basics and fundamentals.
Mastering the basics gives us a chance to succeed.

In today’s high paced business world, random change happens and we get all twisted up. Suddenly, there are different sets of basics for different parts of the process. There are things we learn and then forget or abandon. There’s stuff we worry about, the big stuff or the “shiny new” and the tricky.

Quotation about Leadership Coaching Style – Lee Ann Michayluk

Tools I work with

The Disc Profile System

DiSC is designed to improve productivity, teamwork, and communication. Personality styles determine how you communicate and how you lead. Used thoughtfully, DiSC allows us to get to know you quickly. We look at how you and your team respond to challenges, feedback, rules, and rewards. DiSC identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement by tapping into four main dimensions, including:



The TotalSDI suite of assessments has a long history of helping organizations develop better leaders and stronger team. When teams use the SDI, it creates a picture of personalities that makes it easier for everyone to understand the results, talk about them, and learn from them.

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